Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Our health, safety & environment (HSE) policies are central to everything we do at Fraikin and are co-ordinated by our own dedicated HSE Manager, who ensures compliance across all company facilities – from our head office and branch network through to used vehicle sales sites and even our mobile service vans.

We are often asked to include details of our HSE policy as part of tenders for new contracts. Here is a summary of our policy:

Health & Safety

It is the policy of Fraikin to operate all aspects of our business with integrity and in compliance with all current legislation and relevant regulations. To achieve this Fraikin will take all reasonable and practical steps to promote healthy and safe working conditions and to adopt best practices to ensure the health and safety of its employees and all other persons who may have cause to visit our premises.

To achieve these objectives it is essential that each employee must play their part by carrying out their work safely, with diligence and in accordance with the company’s procedures, which may be issued from time to time. In addition each employee also has a responsibility to raise with their manager any issues which may be of concern to them in regard to health and safety matters and to report, without delay, any incidents which may have or could lead to risk to them, their co-workers or any other persons.

The Environment

Fraikin recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating all aspects of its business in compliance with current environmental regulations and the prevention of pollution.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

To achieve this Fraikin will take all reasonable and practical steps to:
• Minimise disturbance to the local and global environment, and to local communities and wildlife
• Minimise the use of energy and raw materials and adhere to the principles of sustainability
• Consider the environment in the design of processes and services, and the maintenance of plant and equipment
• Provide information on the use and disposal of products
• Ensure all employees and sub-contractors are adequately informed about our policies and appropriate training is carried out
• Maintain continuous improvement through regular review