Our expertise

Our expertise

Fraikin is built on strong values developed through more than sixty years of trading across Europe, including over 30 years direct experience in the UK.

Few suppliers in this sector have been in the business longer, and no other organisation offers the single-minded focus that Fraikin brings to the industry. There isn’t a circumstance or situation that we haven’t come across before, which is why we never need to try and shoehorn a customer into an off-the-shelf package which isn’t entirely suitable.

And as a totally independent operator, we can offer options that others can only dream of. This unparalleled flexibility invariably saves our customers money.

A very personal service

What’s more, at the core of everything we do lives an absolute commitment to providing a very personal service to all customers. Our objective is long-term development and gain, not short-term profit. This attitude has resulted in over 30 years of sustained growth and has put us where we are now, with more than 15,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment in our care, supported by a nationwide office and depot infrastructure.

Since 1978 Fraikin has been writing and rewriting the book on every aspect of commercial vehicle asset management for some of Britain’s most respected companies and authorities. Central to our success is a high calibre service offering led by what we believe is the strongest team in the industry.

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