Things you might not know about Fraikin

1. A quality process
Every six months Fraikin is audited by the International Organisation for Standardisation, which assesses our quality systems to reassure customers they are dealing with a highly professional organisation. We have held the ISO.9001:2000 standard since 1992.

2. Disaster recovery
Fraikin operates a complex disaster recovery programme which enables full restoration of services, including all business critical servers, telephony and seating for all key staff, in the event of a total loss of head office functionality. This guarantees our service would continue almost seamlessly in the event of a major incident preventing access to our offices.

3. Staying green
Fraikin has national contracts in place to recycle everything from waste oil and batteries through to tyres and paper, together with an ongoing programme to minimise pollution risks.

4. Keep it safe
All aspects of our operation are regularly audited by a full time Health & Safety Manager, backed by trained safety representatives in every site. This provides customers with the reassurance that we not only meet but exceed all current legislation.

5. Rental – it all adds up
If you parked all of our rental vehicles end-to-end, the line of vans and trucks would stretch over five miles! The fleet is truly comprehensive, with a full range of dry freight and temperature controlled vehicles to suit any requirement from 3.5 to 44 tonnes.

6. Buying power
Fraikin is totally independent when it comes to helping customers to choose the right vehicle. However, such is our buying strength across Europe that the Fraikin Group is the single largest customer of both Iveco and Renault Trucks. Every year we spend more than £40 million on new vehicles in the UK alone.

7. A truly one-stop solution
Our rental team is dedicated to helping customers with any hire requirement they may have, in addition to vans and trucks. Through a network of strategic partnerships we’ve helped customers to rent everything from cars and coaches through to trailers, diggers, portacabins and even agricultural tractors.

8. What you need to know
Fraikin produce a series of handy ‘What you need to know’ guidebooks which take complicated areas of new industry legislation and explain them in a simple, no-nonsense style. Widely recognised as essential reading for fleet managers, they are available to download free of charge by clicking here.


9. Speedy service
And finally… One of our apprentices in Enfield, Martin Hazel, secured his place in the next Guinness Book of Records in 2008 after managing to stop at all 270 stations on the London Underground in a record-breaking time of 17 hours 56 minutes and 12 seconds. Martin beat the previous record holder by just 23 seconds.