Contract hire


What is contract hire?

Commercial vehicle contract hire represents the complete fleet solution and provides you with off-balance sheet funding of the exact vehicle for your needs, in your livery and without the burden of ownership or disposal.

The van or truck is provided to you for a fixed period of time (usually three to eight years) and with a mileage allowance which matches your specific transport requirements.


With van or truck contract hire, we take care of all servicing and maintenance, administration and documentation, leaving you free to focus on your core business. It’s ideal for companies whose business requires them to operate commercial vehicles, but for whom road transport is not a core interest or skill.


With the ever increasing burden of legislation our contract hire service keeps you compliant and aware of the latest directives ranging from emissions to mirrors and even digital tachographs.


Built around you

Our truck and van contract hire packages are all tailored to suit your own needs, so you don’t pay for services you don’t require. You also benefit from our experience from the very start, with expert assistance provided to ensure the specification of your new vehicle or fleet meets your exact transport needs.

On countless occasions we’ve been able to help customers save money up-front by adapting the specification of their new commercial vehicle to make it significantly more efficient and productive for their business.

And from a purely financial viewpoint, contract hire allows:

  • Off-balance sheet funding
  • Predictable and stable costs fixed for the contract term
  • Reduced administration
  • No reduction in your ability to borrow funds for other purposes
  • Vehicle provision can be paid for out of revenue
  • No hidden costs
  • Payments can be set against tax as a normal business expense

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