Sale & hire back

What if you already own your vehicles and they aren’t ready to be replaced, or if you want to move to contract hire but have a mixed fleet of different aged trucks – some new, some old?

Through a Fraikin sale & hire back agreement, also known in the industry as a purchase & lease back or purchase & hire back deal, we can buy and contract hire your existing fleet back to you, providing immediate cash injection for other initiatives and providing you with all the benefits of our contract hire package.

The Fraikin sale & hire back plan means that valuable capital is released, depreciation and vehicle disposal issues cease to be a problem and financial forecasting is greatly simplified. Further benefits include cost savings, controlled maintenance expenses and the immediate availability of back-up vehicles.

These benefits alone are why so many companies are now implementing schemes which allow them to realise the capital tied-up in their vehicle fleets and use it as much needed investment for other aspects of their operation – new plant and machinery, for example, enhanced IT systems or extra sales people.

A tidy solution

We can even help if your fleet is currently being contract hired or leased from other suppliers.  On several occasions customers have asked us to take over complete management of their fleets in situations where the performance of the existing supplier is not up to par.

In such circumstances we usually come to an agreement with the existing supplier to take over their contracts, enabling us to transfer your existing vehicles into our care or manage these within our fleet management package.  With our systems and procedures supporting your fleet we can usually rectify any problems you’ve experienced and ensure you benefit from the same high levels of service we have built our reputation on.

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