Top Tips On Choosing a Driver CPC Trainer

10 Top Tips for Driver CPCKeri Ashton, Head of Human Resources, and the person responsible for Driver CPC training, provides the top tips when choosing a CPC training provider.


1. How well established are they?

Find out how well established the organisation is and how long they have been delivering driver training in order to ascertain their credibility and standards.


2. What credentials do the trainers have?

How long have the trainers that are delivering Driver CPC been in the industry and how long have they been delivering Driver CPC? Most credible training organisations employ well-qualified individuals with in-depth knowledge of their topic and appropriate training qualifications or experience. A good training provider will provide customer testimonials.


3. How many courses are they running – can they cover delegate abenteeism?


Can the training provider you have chosen cover absenteeism and does it have sufficient ability to book you an alternative course?


4. What is their syllabus – are they suitable for your business?

There is no set syllabus for Driver CPC, just a number of specified areas as set down by JAUPT. You may need to decide, for example, whether a driver who never carries hazardous substances will benefit more from an ADR course or a refresher on drivers hours and tachograph usage.


5. What does their fee include?

Check what the course cost includes. Some organisations include upload fee, certificates, refreshments etc as part of the course cost. Others make additional charges. Ensure you are comparing like with like as additional costs can quickly add up.


6. Have they been audited by JAUPT and what does it say?

Has the training provider had an approved course centre audit and approved course delivery audit? The course delivery audit involves the delivery of the training being assessed against best practices and also the course outline that is submitted. Both of these audits result in a report which may or may not have improvement actions.


7. Can they handle multi-site operations?

If you are a multi site operation can your provider deliver the same courses to the same standard at numerous locations?


8. Does the provider communicate properly and who do you contact and liaise with?

One point of contact will make it easier for you to keep track of the training and also to have more flexibility in substituting delegates if you need to.

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