Fraikin finds more efficient transport solutions for Environcom

Aug 29, 2012



Expert advice offered by Fraikin has helped it to win a contract with the UK’s largest specialist recycling company, Environcom.


The arrangement is for a five-year contract hire of three 15-tonne rigid body box trucks with tail-lifts and sleeper cabs which Environcom will use to deliver reconditioned electrical goods to High Street charity shops.


The vans will also be used to collect old fridges, freezers, domestic washing machines and other electrical and electronic goods down to smaller items such as hairdryers and iPads which are then either repaired or recycled by Environcom. 



Fraikin won the approval of Environcom by coming up with a suggestion that has led to a five to ten per cent reduction in the fuel bill for the vehicles – amounting to a considerable saving as the vans clock up high mileages. Instead of simply plumping for standard 18-tonne box vans, Fraikin suggested that a hybrid model which was the size of an 18-tonne van but adapted to carrying only 15 tonnes would be more suitable for Environcom’s needs. These would be big enough to maximise carrying capacity while light enough to enter some weight-restricted city centre streets which vans had to negotiate in order to reach some of the charity shops where they delivered goods. 


Jon Parsons, Chief Financial Officer of Environcom, said: “Fraikin were very influential with their advice. Originally I was requesting 18-tonners because that was what I was replacing but Fraikin came back and really challenged me about what was best for the business.”


“They asked if a hybrid model the size of an 18-tonner but plated to 15 tonnes would be more suitable, which I had not considered before. Obviously it reduced the cost of fuel and road fund licences and we do save money.”


“Fraikin has been very supportive to our business needs and whenever we find we will have another step up in volume and a requirement for more vehicles, Fraikin will be the first we ask.”


Contract hire of the vehicles, as opposed to buying them, appealed to Mr Parsons as it did not tie up valuable working capital for Environcom, which is a fast-growing business.


Fraikin also carries out a full repair and maintenance service contract for the vehicles, giving Environcom peace of mind that they will be fully road legal and compliant at all times.


Peter Backhouse, Chief Executive Officer of Fraikin, said: “Our philosophy is to go the extra mile for our customers to ensure that they get the vehicles which truly fit their business requirements, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.”


“Fraikin has a wealth of experience and insight that we can draw on to help our customers get the optimum performance out of their fleets.”


“We are delighted to be working with Environcom and look forward to a long and productive relationship in the future.”


Environcom specialises in repairing and recycling Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). It runs a large facility in Grantham, Lincolnshire, and opened a second site at Edmonton, London in October 2011. The products which it recycles are supplied to British Heart Foundation furniture and electrical stores as well as to other charities.