Fraikin launches new telematics system to help fleet managers save time and money

Mar 07, 2013

Fraikin, the UK’s leading commercial vehicle fleet management and transport solutions provider, has introduced a new state-of-the-art telematics system to help fleet managers maximise performance from their vehicles


Fraikin Vision records comprehensive information that can be used to deliver substantial cost savings and provide a better service to customers by capturing vital feedback on the performance of the fleet.


The system is web-based so customers can access it from any computer with a link to the internet and see exactly where their fleet is in real time by viewing an easy-to-use, dynamic online map.


At the click of a mouse, customers can keep track of driver status, vehicle locations, journey history and progress, journey speeds and traffic updates, enabling them to optimise routes, loads, drop rates and to monitor driver behaviour.


Fraikin Vision is offered at three different levels of service, from the standard Vision Track through Vision Eco to its flagship offering Vision+, which is the first integrated service to offer comprehensive management information in real time.


Colin Melvin, Fraikin’s Strategic Customer Development Director said: “Telematics provides an invaluable tool to help fleet managers run efficient and effective operations and Fraikin Vision is a new pan-European solution that can truly make a difference to a business’s bottom line.

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Fraikin Man
“Fraikin Vision can not only help a fleet manager to optimise the deployment of a fleet, minimise mileage and avoid traffic jams, it also provides a valuable insight into how well individual drivers are performing.

“Aggressive stop-start driving is the biggest waste of fuel, for example: adopting a smooth driving style can cut up to 15% off fuel bills which is a significant saving. Fraikin Vision helps fleet managers to identify and improve driving practices.” 

The standard offering, Vision Track, provides second-by-second updates with a range of automated reports and customised alerts.


Vision Eco offers extra information about the fuel use and carbon footprint of vehicles, as well as information about individual drivers’ abilities to deliver good fuel economy. Web-based reporting helps the driver understand how well he is performing and allows the customer to understand long-term trends.


Vision+ customers will enjoy the most up-to-date telematics tools that enable them to analyse data across fleets, operating sites, regions, divisions, countries and companies.


As well as having Google ™ maps with StreetView and Fleetstar Mobile Application, Fraikin Vision+ offers reminders for the scheduling of vehicle maintenance.