Fraikin wins contract with UK materials supplier Righton

Nov 19, 2012

Fraikin has won a contract to supply a fleet of 11 vehicles that meet forthcoming European standards to UK materials supplier Righton.


Nationwide based Righton is the UK’s leading supplier of brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, high integrity alloys, industrial plastics and aluminum composite materials.


The company prides itself on offering customers a “Total Supply Package” which includes delivering materials on time and in good condition at a competitive overall price. 


Selecting the right mix of vehicles to deliver different loads reliably and cost-effectively is clearly important to Righton and Fraikin was able to provide expert advice about the specification of each vehicle. 


Fraikin is supplying a range of 7.0 tonne, 12 tonne and 18 tonne trucks, including double deck curtainside and sliding canopied bodies. 


The contract represents a substantial £588,000 investment by Fraikin, one of the UK’s leading fleet management, contract hire and rental specialists who deliver total vehicle solutions from advice on purchasing through maintenance and breakdown cover. 


David Farbon, Sales Director – Strategic Customers, Fraikin, said: “We are delighted to be working with Righton and look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with them.” 

“Fraikin’s consultative approach is appreciated by many customers – we can advise them how to configure their fleets to best suit their business needs and many find our insight invaluable.”


Fraikin was instrumental in advising Righton to switch from CF65 Series DAF to LF55 Series DAF along with the inclusion of a full air kit management system and AS Tronic gearbox across all vehicle sizes. This will contribute to improved fuel economy and a safer driving environment. All vehicles will be Euro V compliant and the added benefit of EEV technology (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicles) providing lower vehicle emissions. 


Similarly, Fraikin recommended that 7.0 tonne Iveco trucks would be better suited to Righton’s business than the 7.5 tonne trucks it was already running. As well as being able to carry heavier loads, the Iveco trucks will achieve higher miles per gallon and also comply fully with forthcoming European legislation.



Gary Davies, Operations Director, Righton said: “David (Farbon) hits the nail on the head with regards to Fraikin’s consultative approach, because it was this aspect in particular which impressed us initially during pre-contract discussions with them back in late 2010.  Yes, Fraikin is a key player and has a huge presence in the market but they are not too ‘corporate’ when it comes to engaging with customers.” 



 “Right from the outset of discussions Fraikin made the effort to understand our business and on how Righton operates its fleet.  This allowed them to use their expertise in advising Righton on body designs and the right fleet configuration according to the wide range of Righton products requiring delivery to our customers throughout the UK every day.” 


“Maintaining a first class delivery service is key to Righton, but it is also equally important we do this in a sustainable way with these new Fraikin supplied trucks.  We believe Fraikin understands these objectives, and as such, we are confident that the existing and future needs and expectations of Righton and its customers will be met as we move forward with, what we anticipate will be, a strong and enjoyable working relationship with the Fraikin team.”