Clean Air Strategy and Clean Air Zones

The road transport industry is undergoing transformational changes around vehicle emission standards, and fleets have never faced such a tough decision when deciding how best to ‘future-proof’ their operations.

At Fraikin, we are working closely with customers to help them take their first steps in making the transfer to cleaner vehicle technologies, including gas and electric drivelines.

To support this decision-making process, we’ve produced an executive summary of the Government’s Clean Air Strategy 2018, covering the key facts and deadlines we think every fleet needs to know. Download your free copy below.

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are due to become a feature of many of our major cities.  Our Briefing Note outlines when and how these targeted areas are going to impact transport in cities across the UK.  Download the Briefing Note for more information.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your fleet strategy to cope with these changes in legislation. Simply call 0800 052 44 55 or email to arrange an exploratory conversation.

Fraikin – CAZ Briefing Note April 2019

Clean Air Strategy 2018:
A Fraikin Executive Summary