Fleet audit

Our fleet audit helps you make the right choices 

You know your fleet better than anyone. What if we could help you maximise its potential? A fleet audit gives you the benefit of an expert assessment. Together, we'll carry out an independent analysis of your fleet and evaluate the optimisation scenarios.  

Whether you're looking to cut costs, improve productivity or reduce your environmental impact, the audit will provide you with all the solutions you need. 

6 reasons to audit your fleet

Understand your operation

Get detailed, objective statistics concerning your fleet so you can better match your vehicles with their uses.  

Save money 

Identify the savings that can be made for each item of expenditure and the potential benefits


Adapt your fleet to current and future regulations in your sector. 

Start your energy transition 

Establish the roadmap for your energy transition and get ready to start greening your fleet. 

Prepare for the future

Define a development strategy tailored to your needs, using effective levers for optimisation in the short, medium and long term. 

Achieve your sustainability and ESG goals

Insights to help you stay on top of your environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and reporting.

Our method? A tailor-made approach!

It's quite simple: when we audit your fleet, we take care of everything! 
During this personalised assessment, we will look at the following: 
• your fuel consumption, 
• the age of your vehicles, 
• the routes taken, 
• your growth plan, and more…  

With this knowledge, our Fraikin Business Solution teams will then be able to provide you with operational support during the project to help you make the right decisions. We'll share all our experience and expertise with you to bring you mobility solutions that are tailored to you and your needs.  

Tailor made

How should you navigate between the emission zones and your TCO? 

Fleet management is a business that requires ever more advanced expertise. Not only is the range of vehicles and engines becoming wider and more complex, but environmental regulations are constantly changing. All these changes have an impact on your usage, your performance and your budget.  

Our aim is not just to help you optimise your Total Cost of Ownership; it is also to improve the productivity of your fleet, anticipate changes and free up time so that you can concentrate on your core business.  

Olivier Dutrech

What we need to do first is to think about the reality of usage to not only improve the present, but above all to look to the future!

Olivier Dutrech
Director of Innovation at Fraikin Business Solutions

What data is your fleet audit based on?

Firstly, we work together to compile an initial list of data to be collected based on around 50 points of interest relating to your audit project. For example, we would observe:   
• The vehicles in your fleet 
• The organisation of your routes 
• Your catchment area 
• The regulations in force 
• Your maintenance and repair costs 
• The seasonal nature of your needs, etc.  


Go even further in optimising your fleet

  • Train your drivers in eco-driving
    • Decreased fuel consumption
    • Reduced environmental impact
    • Decrease in claims
  • Make your energy transition a reality
    • Fleet decarbonisation
    • Compliance with legislation
    • Preparing for the arrival of additional low/zero emission zones
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