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Developing and optimising mobility

For more than 45 years, Fraikin has been providing  companies across the UK of all sizes and industries with innovative and customised fleet management and mobility solutions.  

It is thanks to the trust of our customers that we are now the European leader in the rental of commercial vehicles, fully established in Europe for over 75 years   

Leaders in contract hire, vehicle rental and fleet management

True to our motto “You drive, we care”, we support our customers with all their transport and mobility needs. From vehicle rental and maintenance to fleet audits and connected technology, our expertise extends to support with energy transition.  

Through customised offers, we provide a premium service, which gives Fraikin customers the means to focus on their core business.  

Our “Full Service”, an innovative offer are fully integrated into every contract hire, vehicle rental and fleet management offer, including the overall management of the performance, maintenance and administration of the vehicles.  

We are here for our customers on a daily basis, 24/7, helping them to anticipate and prepare their future mobility requirements, while drawing on our expertise to decarbonise their transport solutions. The aim is to offer our customers the most innovative vehicles available to the market!  

At the forefront of the transformation of mobility in Europe, Fraikin’s 3,200 employees make the difference for our 11,200 customers of all sizes and in all sectors, and in the UK, an unwavering commitment of employees, and unparalleled experience of the challenges of mobility, their transparency and their exemplarity are the strength of our network.  

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We are on the cusp of transformation in the field of fleet management. Changes driven by unprecedented economic and environmental challenges. In the new world of mobility that is emerging, our brand is clearly ahead of the game. Fraikin Group is now very well prepared and equipped to help its customers succeed in this complex environment.

Yves Pétin
Chairman and CEO of Fraikin Group

Fraikin in the world

Fraikin in the world

A responsible and committed Group

Fraikin’s CSR policy is structured around five priorities 


The carbon footprint of our activities  


The energy transition of our customers  


Safety in our workplace 

Train and develop 

Skills to better retain our talent and serve our customers  


For inclusion and diversity