Being a contributing partner

Mobility is an ecosystem made up of a myriad of regulatory, institutional, and private organisations. As leaders in this sector, we want to contribute to discussions, decisions and major advances concerning the future of mobility.  

To achieve this, we adopt an attitude of collaboration with the main stakeholders in our industry: governing bodies, educational organisations, manufacturers &  all market players.

Fraikin, a company that collaborates with... 

1. Governing Bodies

We partner with governing bodies on mobility issues and the introduction of low-emission vehicles. 

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2 – Educational organisations

Fraikin advocate employment to local schools and colleges, with the aim to educate and inspire young adults to the automotive profession, taking opportunities to visit organisations and events and share our experience of the changing environment. 

We also encourage work experience students to Fraikin UK, creating learning opportunities and contributing to their training with a view to employment.  


3 - Manufacturers and market players 

Fraikin analyses each type of vehicle offered by each manufacturer. This is essential, as it is clear that within a given range, some models will be better suited to similar tasks than others. Economic (energy consumption, maintenance, repairability, etc.), safety, environmental, comfort and versatility aspects are analysed to provide independent advice on the best mobility solution. 

We take part in working groups such as the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) and many other stakeholders.