Purchase and lease-back

With purcahse and lease-back, we buy back some or all of your vehicles and then lease them back to you on a Full-Service contract hire basis. This offers financial advantages, as well as relieve you of technical, regulatory, or administrative obligations relating to your fleet!

It can offer the perfect opportunity to release capital and focus on your core business.  

What are the advantages of buy back for your fleet?

Are you already a Fraikin customer and you still own part of your fleet? Do you own most of your fleet, with some vehicles rented on a long-term basis from the competition? Do you own 100% of your fleet (including those vehicles in the process of being financed)? In all these cases, you can benefit from the advantages of our fleet buy-back offer. 

Save time

A single point of contact from Fraikin manages all technical, regulatory and administrative elements for your fleet. 

Gain financial visibility

With a Fraikin contract, the management of your fleet is “all-inclusive”, with no unpleasant surprises. 

Take stock of your fleet

This is an excellent opportunity to examine the make-up of your fleet: number of vehicles, uses and functions according to the jobs carried out, the need to switch to an alternative energy source, the need to keep up-to-date and renewing the fleet. 

Reduce your debt

By selling your vehicles and equipment, you can potentially reduce your company’s debt. This is ideal for increasing your extraordinary income (capital gains on the sale of equipment). 

Maintain your financing capacity

By reselling your vehicles and opting for leasing, you limit your immediate cash outflow. 

Benefit from more services

Do you need additional fleet management support? The full range of Fraikin services is at your disposal. 

Cope with the unexpected

Need more vehicles? Working with Fraikin allows you to rapidly expand your fleet. 

Benefit from specially adapted vehicles

We have the best vehicles to meet your challenges if you need to replace your vehicles. 

Access the highest standards

We ensure that your fleet is compliant, your vehicles are perfectly maintained and your fleet performance is maximised.  

3 common questions about purchase and lease-back for your fleet

1/ I don’t own 100% of my fleet. Am I eligible? 

Yes, regardless of the proportion of owned vehicles. This offer is available for you, even for a single vehicle. 

2/ I’m not a Fraikin customer. Does this offer apply to me? 

Yes, our offer is aimed at any company that owns vehicles. 

3/ My vehicles are still being financed (e.g. through credit): how do you go about buying them back? 

The buy-back will take place in the same way whether you own your fleet and whether you are in the process of financing it or not. You just need to check that your contract allows the buy-back of vehicles. 

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Ask us anything!

Let’s discuss your needs together. Our advisors will be happy to discuss Fraikin’s services with you, as well as all the benefits of our contract hire and rental offers.  

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