Decarbonising Transport

The Observatory

Welcome to Fraikin's ‘Observatory', packed full of advice, expertise and useful links to help you maximise the potential from your commercial vehicle fleet. 

With new legislation affecting the road transport industry being introduced all the time, Fraikin has created a series of short, informative guides and business briefings that tackle a variety of the most relevant topics, offering an overview of the subject that tackles the most important information helping to build a rounded view of a range of subjects affecting our industry. 

Fraikin Executive Summaries

At Fraikin we pride ourselves on our understanding of the issues affecting the transport industry. When new regulations or legislation – most often relating to the environment – are discussed by the UK government, we endeavour to simplify and summarise what can often be lengthy documents to bring the most salient points to the fore. 

The Executives Summaries below deal with a range of issues, legislation and regulation across the industry. 

Decarbonising Transport

Decarbonising Transport : A Better Greener Britain

Fraikin Observatory

Information on the variety of Mobility Solutions offered by Fraikin, showcasing how we can deliver unrivalled support to your business, as well as clear, consise industry updates, keeping you abreast of the latest regulatory changes to the industry.

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Cat B Licences and Alternative Fuels

Category B Licences & Alternative Fuels: An Update

DVS London front page

London Direct Vision Standard Update

Tackling common

Tackling Common EV Misconceptions

Sustainable Transport Clean Air

Sustainable Transport and Clean Air

Operator licence legislation and compliance

Operator Licence Legislation and Compliance