My SmartFleet

MYSMARTFLEET: Connected fleet technology, by Fraikin

For anyone looking to optimise the productivity of their fleet, our answer is on-board telematics!  

Our turnkey Smart Basics pack is included in Fraikin’s Full Service offer, is a simple, cost-effective digital solution that will enable you to collect (in real time) all the data you need to maximise your fleet. What’s more, Fraikin can help you put that data to work! 

Information as a decision-making tool and the latest camera technology

Compatible with all types of vehicles, our digital solutions enable you to collect real-time information on your drivers’ behaviour, energy consumption, driving events, idling times, geolocation, and so on.  

The MY SMART FLEET Basics pack is now included in the Fraikin Full Service offer for all contract hire and long-term rentals  

A comprehensive connected tool!

With MY SMART FLEET, you are connected to your vehicle from your desktop. directly providing you with live data and in use driving behaviour. In partnership with Fraikin, we help you putthat data to work, optimising your safety, efficiency, productivity and fuel consumption. 

All data belong to you. therefore, this service fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A comprehensive connected tool!

A Design that’s right for you!

Customise your MYSMARTFLEET experience to suit your business by choosing the package that matches your needs.  

Your advantages with the Smart Basics pack  

  • Visualising polluting behaviour 

  • Report on driving events 

  • Possibility of reducing fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions  

  • Contribution to obtaining CSR labels. 

Your subscription packs and options  

Fraikin’s Full Service is an in-depth digital solution at no extra cost in a contract hire or long-term rental contract. With the benefits this provides, delivers real savings to your business. 

Add to this service by subscribing to any of our options that are designed to meet the specific needs of your business.  


For all long-term vehicle rentals (excluding vehicles with a GVW of -2.8T and semi-trailers), take advantage of our MY SMART FLEET on-board telematics service in the Smart Basics package, at no extra cost.

  • Smart Basics
    • Included in long-term rental contracts
    • Fuel consumption
    • Mileage
    • Use of brakes and accelerator
    • Engine speed
    • Stoppage time with the engine running
    • Behavioural analysis
    • P.T.O. usage time
    • Smart watch Trailer
    • EV additional layer
  • Smart Fridge
    • Smart Basics + Essential included
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Cooling unit data
    • Open door detection
    • Internal humidity data
    • Additional temperature sensor (optional)
    • Dual-temperature (optional)
  • Smart Compliance
    • Smart Basics included
    • Digital tacho download
    • Digital drivers walk around checks
    • Dispatch status and route planning efficiencies
    • Easy to use app
  • Smart Safe
    • Smart Basics included
    • Driver coaching
    • Economical driving advice
  • Smart Vision
    • Smart Basics included
    • AI enables camara technology
    • Forward/dual facing cameras
    • 360’ all round vision
    • Direct vision standards compliance
  • Essential
    • Smart Basics included
    • Consultative review of your fleet data
    • Comprehensive performance analysis
    • Goal driven KPI and reporting

6 reasons to opt for MYSMARTFLEET

MY SMART FLEET is a solution that puts digital services at the heart of your fleet management. You now have the tools you need to improve the overall efficiency of your vehicles.  

But that’s not all! MY SMART FLEET goes even further, offering you a host of other benefits. 

Fuel savings

Track the use and fuel consumption of your fleet and save up to 10% on fuel by analysing your routes. 

Greater safety for your drivers

Improve safety by raising your drivers’ awareness with the results of their behavioural analysis.  

A stronger cold chain

Make your deliveries more reliable and improve your compliance  

Higher standard of service

Increase productivity through data analysis and improve customer satisfaction. 

An advantage for your CSR goals

Optimise your carbon footprint and promote your environmental commitments.  

Meet safe system compliance

Essential vehicle safety equipment that meet all requirements of the FORs accreditation and the Direct Vision standards (DVS) progressive safe system.

Ask us anything!

Let’s discuss your needs together. Our advisors will be happy to discuss Fraikin’s services and commitments with you, as well as all the benefits of our long-term rental offers.  

Votre commercial

If it matters to you, it matters to us!

  • 10%
    savings per year on fuel, claims and insurance premiums*
  • 10%
    time saved each month on fleet management*
  • 15%
    fewer accidents per year*

*Possible benefits for users