Fraikin et la transition énergétique

Transitioning your fleet 

The traffic restrictions imposed by low and ultra low emission zones, the latest new regulations introduced and the challenges of climate change are directly affecting your fleet and your business. 

Fraikin is there for you, helping you to find customised solutions.  

Why and how should you decarbonise your vehicle fleet?

How can you switch to greener vehicles without taking a financial risk?

To be effective without disrupting your business, your fleet energy optimisation should take place in several stages:  
1. A review of the fleet, to understand all your needs, habits and limitations 
2. Production of an assessment report based on the data collected in the observation phase 
3. Proposal of alternative-energy vehicles, based on your actual needs and the evaluation of your current fleet  
4. Customised services, to offer you realistic recharging and refuelling solutions  

Greening your fleet is not just a business or legal issue. By decarbonising your fleet, you can not only meet the requirements of new public policies; you can also play an active part in reducing harmful particles and combating climate change. Improving the air quality for all our communities. 

Energy transition

Our change management method

To provide the most appropriate response to your energy transition needs, we will review and understand a number of factors directly related to your strategy, your activities and your location.  

Your usage and activity: distances travelled, types of journeys, equipment… 
Your fleet: types of vehicles, associated costs, planned renewals… 
Your challenges: CSR policy, regulatory compliance, commercial opportunities, planned growth and developments… 
Your greening options: compatible energies, nearby charging points, driver training… 


Four reasons to transition to a greener energy


Renew and green your fleet of commercial vehicles in accordance with current regulations so that you can continue to drive in low-emission zones.  

Anticipation of needs 

Get help from a specialist to control the cost of switching to alternative-energy vehicles.  


Environmental responsibility 

Reduce your carbon footprint and become a pioneer in driving change in your sector or region.  

Commercial attractiveness 

Develop your competitive edge with your customers and partners by building your CSR commitments. 

Preparing for a major challenge

The energy transition of commercial vehicle fleets has been an area of interest for us for many years. Back in 2008, we welcomed our first electric vehicle to our fleet, and have continued to support many customers with their energy transiton to the present day. That's why we can help you choose the sustainable mobility solution that's best suited to your business, and your needs.   

Step by step, we will work with you to build a solution for you, by studying your organisation, your projects, your infrastructure, your activities and your drivers. Our design office, our experts and our experience are at your disposal to help you prepare for this major change.   

This means we can work out the transition solution that's right for you because:  

- We recognise your concerns, and understand your needs 

- We have the necessary experience (Fraikin already manages a fleet of 1,500+ alternative-energy vehicles across our group) 

- We have strong knowledge of the market (27 independent all-energy tests carried out by the Fraikin Lab) 

- We are a multi-brand, multi-specialist and multi-energy group. 

That's what we call tailor-made by Fraikin! 

Jacinta Norris, ESG Director

The phasing out of traditional fuels, coupled with the growth of low-emission zones means that we have to plan now for decarbonising our fleets, we need to start the conversation with everyone, and help partner them through these challenges.

Jacinta Norris
ESG Director

Your day-to-day energy transition

To ensure a successful energy transition, we support you at every stage in the deployment of your alternative-energy vehicles.  

Our aim is to put in place a customised management system that's perfectly suited to your needs! To be sure we can offer you the best operational efficiency, we rely on key data, including:  

• Mileage information 
• Vehicle charging times 
• Fuel consumption 
• Recharging/refuelling solutions on your routes/storage sites 
• Impact of autonomy on your routes 

Energy transition

Download the Alternative fuel brochure

Faced with the major challenge of combatting climate change, road transport must reinvent itself. Today, our sector contributes a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, and given the commitments taken to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we must work together to accelerate our industry’s decarbonisation ambitions. 

Go even further in optimising your fleet

  • Train your drivers in eco-driving
    • Decreased fuel consumption
    • Reduced environmental impact
    • Decrease in claims
    • Adapting driving to new-energy vehiclesAdapting driving to new-energy vehicles
  • Audit your vehicle fleet
    • Cost reduction
    • Analysis of actual usage
    • Short-, medium- and long-term strategy
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