A clear plan, effective governance 

Our strategic vision is clear. At Fraikin, our goal is to facilitate the mobility of goods and people through fleet management services, to create a brighter future. To make this vision a reality, we use three pillars, that underpin our planning and approach:  

energy transition, mobility, and digital technology.  

A streamlined and organised structure means that we have tighter governance control to be more efficient and agile in our decision making, always remaining attentive to the challenges faced by our customers and their industries.  

UK governance structured to maximise our service performance

Management of Fraikin UK is steered by our senior leadership team and formed around the key functions of our business.  

Peter Backhouse - CEO
Peter Backhouse
UK Chief Executive Officer 

Managing Director from 2010 to 2015, and consulting with the business since this time, Peter naturally returned to Fraikin in 2022, as CEO. The ambitious goals he set has taken Fraikin UK towards new horizons, with a clear aim to support the company’s development in economic growth, provide greater stability and full focus on Fraikin’s strategy for the future.

Suzanne Condes - UK Human Resources Director
Suzanne Condes
UK Human Resources Director

With extensive experience and in charge of UK Human Resources and communication, Suzanne is committed to the well-being of its employees. Every day, she helps convey Fraikin’s values to its teams.

Jacinta Norris - ESG Director
Jacinta Norris
UK ESG Director

With Jacinta’s solid expertise in quality, compliance, and regulations, she leads our environmental and sustainability governance with enthusiasm and integrity. Jacinta and her team are committed to meeting the current, and future, challenges of all Fraikin’s stakeholders.

Colin Melvin - Commercial Director
Colin Melvin
UK Commercial Director

A long serving member of the UK team, Colin leads Fraikin UK’s marketing and business development strategies. He has headed up the successful design, development, and delivery of Fraikin’s leading vehicle and mobility solutions strategy in the UK. All underpinned by the strong relationships that he, and his team hold with both customers and suppliers.

Lejla GOLOS - Chief Financial Officer
Lejla Golos
UK Financial Director

Lejla is the guarantor of the financial stability of Fraikin UK. Her goal is to support the development of the UK business, and with her team, strengthen the financial performance and services for all its stakeholders.

Adriana Radu - Corporate Services Director
Adriana Radu
Corporate Services Director

Joining the business is 2015, Adriana is the safeguard of the organised structure and performance of Fraikin UK’s assets. She and her team are committed to continuous delivery of an environment for the business to thrive. Absolutely crucial to maximising potential -both for Fraikin and its customers.

John Cunningham - Customer Services Director
John Cunningham
UK Customer Service Director

Joining the business, as part of a youth training scheme, John has worked his way up through the customer service ranks, gaining many years of experience in service excellence. Sharing his values with his team of over 75 employees, he symbolises the dedication that Fraikin has to each and every customer. Experience that allows him to always understand the intricacies of their business and be committed to satisfying their needs.

Andrew Towns - Operations Director
Andrew Towns
Operations Director

Highly experienced in the technical field, Andrew leads the maintenance, procurement, and engineering strategy. The shared goal of his teams is to continuously and dynamically provide flexible, efficient, and reliable maintenance and repair services to meet the demand of every customer and ensure the fleet portfolio is aligned to operational requirements in order to maximise vehicle uptime.

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The Fraikin Group's management

Led by an Executive Committee formed around five key functions and country departments.