Innovation: a process in Fraikin’s DNA

As regulatory, environmental and financial constraints increase for logistics businesses, managing mobility is increasingly complex. To continue to develop your business, it is necessary to find new solutions to optimise your transport requirements. In one word: innovation. 

At Fraikin, we use our innovative capabilities to help our customers better understand how mobility will look in the future. With our Fraikin Lab and our Fraikin Business Solution, we support customers by defining and implementing a more economical and efficient transport strategy for their business. 

Our position as an expert and leader in commercial vehicles also allows us to work alongside manufacturers and business partners in developing a more economical mobility system, with lower CO2 emissions and yet adapted to the challenges of business.  

Fraikin innovation is …


1 – Defining the future of the transport and logistics sectors  

Fraikin contributes to national and European discussions on the future of road transport. We are actively involved in the discussion and consultation bodies that are shaping the future of our sectors:  

  • the task force of the sector specialists for the energy transition aims to achieve a common vision and path for the energy transition of road transport;  

  • Collaborative working with supply chain leaders to work together on innovational projects.  


2 – Facilitating our customers’ energy transition  

As a facilitator and accelerator of its customers’ development, Fraikin creates innovative offers to support their energy transition with:  

  • the Fraikin Business Solution offer, a consultancy service based on a fleet audit, an in-depth analysis of the vehicle fleet and its challenges, and the provision of turnkey solutions for alternative-energy business vehicles, driver training, and services - such as electric or CNG fuelling infrastructure - designed to optimise the company’s fleet management;  

  • the Fraikin LAB, an innovation laboratory which carries out a preview and real-life assessment of the vehicles and prototypes supplied by manufacturers, in order to better guide and advise our customers downstream;  

  • the My Planet offer, designed to help our customers with environmental solutions and their journey to complete their energy transition process.  


3 – Contributing to a more economical logistics sector  

As a partner to transport, delivery and courier companies, Fraikin contributes to the development of new delivery concepts:  

  • by deploying digital solutions to enables route to be optimised in compliance with regulations and the constraints of the customer’s activity. 

Colin Melvin

Our commitment as a leading commercial vehicle and mobility solutions company is to help our customers make their energy transition a success. Fraikin has pioneered new powertrain technologies, introducing the first electric road freight vehicle for Fraikin UK in 2008. Today, our role is to lead the way and help our customers find the most suitable solution to battle against climate change and meet decarbonisation targets for the transportation of their goods and people.

Colin Melvin
UK Commercial Director

Innovation at Fraikin in figures

  • 7 000
    studies per year carried out by the Fraikin group to assist our customers with energy transition
  • 23
    alternative-energy vehicles tested by the Fraikin Lab directly alongside manufacturers
  • 1 500
    vehicles in Fraikin’s group fleet are alternative-energy vehicles