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Diversifying our teams: a commitment that drives performance

A leading company such as ours must be exemplary in every way. In terms of recruitment, integration, and career development, Fraikin gives everyone a chance by encouraging motivation, revealing talent and helping all its employees to develop their expertise. This results in a committed team, enhanced quality of working life, greater innovation, and better performance! 

Fraikin diversifies its teams to...


1 – Support its development   

In our occupations, every skill set is important. We are committed to recruiting employees with a wide range of backgrounds, helping them grow and supporting them as they move into jobs, they are passionate about, for example into management positions or diversifying careers.   

To achieve this, Fraikin develops its own training programmes for the wide range of skills within its business.  

The UK awards great importance to the career development of its employees and to taking account of their professional prospects, by ensuring that its teams are regularly trained by experts in their field.  


2 – Stay in tune with changes in society  

Our company is multicultural and multigenerational. Every individual, whatever their gender, social or cultural background, profile, or aspirations, has a place here and can express their skills for the benefit of the team. 

To develop and accelerate this diversity of profiles, Fraikin is also committed to developing parity within the company, in all professions and functions. 

We ensure strict equality of opportunity and treatment to each throughout their careers.  


Diversity at Fraikin in figures

  • 40%
    of Fraikin’s workforce in the UK are women
  • 34%
    of UK vacancies are met from our internal employees
  • 50%
    of the UK’s senior leadership team are female
  • 23%
    of our UK employees have over 10 years’ service, 39% of staff have over 5 years’ service