Transport and Logistics

Whether operating local, national or international routes, your priority is to cost effectively deliver on time under the best possible conditions.  

Our contract hire, vehicle rental and fleet management solutions offer flexible and bespoke 24/7 services to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction thanks to reliable, responsive and operational support for your fleet. 

Optimise your transport and logistics services

When you choose contract hire, fleet management or rental, you will benefit from a host of addtional support and services.

That’s what we call “all-inclusive” by Fraikin! 

Even if the unexpected happens

Maximising uptime is our area of expertise and to guarantee continuity of your fleet, we will provide you with a replacement. No break in service to your customer!  

Driver Data management

With our SMARTFLEET solutions, we provide digital solutions for tachograph downloads, driver walk around checks, all to make your job easier. Our Smart tools deliver meaningful data to keep your operations safer and more reliable. 

A compliant fleet

Rest assured, Fraikin take care of your vehicle compliance, certification, calibration and servicing for all your fleet. Meeting all regulatory obligations. 

SMART BASIC telematics

Geolocation, geofencing and optimising your routing are all included in the Smart Basics package, that comes with each and every vehicle.  

Solutions for on-time delivery!

Our services have been inspired by your industry needs. Our vast experience as fleet solution partners to operators in the transport and logistics sector means we can provide you with tailor-made solutions:  

Who manages my fleet?  

At Fraikin, you have a single point of contact. They will work with you to define the right vehicle, the most optimised service solution, and the level of service you need. 

Backed up by a comprehensive customer portal, giving you full visibility of your planned maintenance and online access to report defects, and much more. 

How can I customise my vehicles?  

Most of our vehicles are designed specifically to each customer need. First, we present you with a wide range of suitable vehicles, in stock, or ready-to-order. Then we configure them to your needs. A specific number of pallets? A special heavy-duty chassis? Need a double floor system? A cooling unit? We help you decide, and supply in your own livery. 

I’m experiencing a peak in activity. Can you help me?  

For your occasional or seasonal needs, we can supplement your fleet with short- or medium-term rental vehicles. Light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, with or without a refrigeration unit, and with or without a tailgate – we have everything you need to maximise your fleet. 

What about maintenance?  

Our network of approved repairers and mobile technicians take care of the preventive and corrective maintenance of your fleet. Fully coordinated through our dedicated service teams, that are ready to support you 24/7, 365. 

And if one of your vehicles is off the road, we can provide you with a replacement vehicle to keep your business running!  

Vehicles available for transport and logistics

And if you can’t find a light or heavy commercial vehicle that meets your requirements, we’ll configure one together. 

Let's understand your needs 

Let's work together to consider how our solutions can help you develop your business with complete peace of mind. 

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