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Healthcare and Environmental

Whether you’re in the healthcare sector, a pharmacist, a healthcare professional or specialising in environmental products, we have the right vehicles for your business.  

Do you need specialist vehicles dedicated to transporting clinical goods, people or temperature-sensitive products? We’ve got just what you need.  

With Fraikin, you have access to specialised vehicles tailored to your activities, alongside 24/7 support that guarantees a high level of service and safety.  

Optimise your healthcare and environmental transport

By choosing contract hire, rental or fleet management, you’ll benefit from a host of exclusive services.

When the unexpected happens

Maximising uptime is our area of expertise and to guarantee continuity of your fleet, we will provide you with a replacement. 

Data management

We analyse your vehicle and driver behaviour to help make your fleet safer and more efficient.

Fleet compliance

Fraikin takes care of your vehicle compliance, certification, calibration, and servicing, ensuring you always meet regulatory obligations. 

Supporting your energy transition

Let our specialist team advise you on greener vehicles, suitable charging infrastructure, as well as helping you meet your ESG commitments.

A range dedicated to your needs

Fraikin can provide you with specialist vehicles and equipment, backed by 24/7 support.  In your critical service industry, Fraikin is committed to meeting every specific requirement. 

Renault master passenger transport
Alternative energy

Passenger Transport Vehicle

Poids Lourds Plateau / Plateau-Grue
Alternative energy

Dropside/flatbed Crane HGV

Let's understand your needs 

Let's work together to consider how our solutions can help you develop your business with complete peace of mind.

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