Temperature-controlled Transport

The quality and freshness of your food or safety of your pharmaceutical products depend on flawless refrigerated transport.  

That’s why we provide food and medical industry professionals with customised refrigerated vehicles and fleet management services to guarantee compliance with regulations, equipped with telematics solutions to deliver total temperature traceability. 

As a multi-specialist expert, we’ve got just what you need!  

Optimised refrigerated transport

Tailor-made configuration

Fraikin saves you time and effort through optimising vehicle design and efficiently managing your build.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

In addition to providing full-service refrigerated vehicle maintenance, our repairer and mobile network is ready to assist you, day or night, on and off site, to keep your fleet moving. 

Responding to peaks in activity

To meet your seasonal needs, we have a stock of vehicles entirely dedicated to short and medium-term rental.

Exclusive technological advantages

As your fleet and mobility partner, we develop innovative solutions including alternative fuel vehicles and equipment to reduce your emissions and keep your fleet at the leading edge of your sector. 

Solutions designed for temperature-controlled transport professionals

Our expertise is based on years of experience working in your sector.

We understand the challenges you face and have specific solutions to meet your needs and deadlines, reduce your environmental footprint, and guarantee temperature monitoring.  

  • AUDIT of your business for precise customisation of your vehicle. 

  • COLD TECHNOLOGY tailored to your business: single-, multi-temperature, and more.  

  • COMPLIANCE of vehicles with current standards and regulations.  

  • ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES: electric, natural gas, etc. These enable you to reduce your emissions and your costs. 

  • On-board TELEMATICS for real-time monitoring and improved traceability of temperatures throughout a journey. 

Vehicles designed for transporting fresh and/or frozen products

Guaranteeing the cold chain, Fraikin offers refrigerated vehicles that comply with current standards and regulations. 
All our vehicles are also equipped with an on-board telematics solution to help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

Let's understand your needs 

Let's work together to consider how our solutions can help you develop your business with complete peace of mind.  

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