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Fraikin, the fleet solutions expert

If you wish to become more efficient, Our range of vehicle hire and fleet management solutions is for you!  

With Fraikin, you enjoy the best in service:  

  • The guarantee of a suitable vehicle always available  

  • High added-value services: fully connected fleet, always ensured the most optimised uptime, complaince, safety and much more 

  • Dedicated experts who support you on a daily basis  

Partner with Fraikin for expertise

It is important to be able to count on a fleet of vehicles with services adapted to your business. Choosing a fleet supplier is therefore of the utmost importance. With Fraikin, you are choosing a company with the experience and passion to provide you with offers and services tailored to your requirements.  

You benefit not only from our teams of experts but also from our exclusive advantage to support you with your business:  

  • Multi-brand vehicles, which run on all types of energy  
  • Manufacturer tests carried out by our Fraikin Lab 
  • Solutions in step with legislation and new technologies 
  • The only vehicle-rental company to benefit from European subsidies  
  • A vehicle that can be customised to your requirements 
  • A real local network with mobile and approved repairers across the country 

We are committed to offering you services that are really suited to your needs:  

  • A dedicated custom made offer
  • A premium service included in our Full Service offer
  • Optional services to increase productivity (digital services, customer portal)
  • Contract flexibility
  • Repairer network with maintenance local to you
  • In-house mobile technicians across the UK 

Vehicles designed around your needs

Do you need a vehicle on a one-off or a long-term basis? Regardless of the constraints of your business, we ensure that we can offer you the most suitable  solution.  

  • LLD

    Contract hire gives you complete peace of mind

    While you focus on your business, we take care of your fleet: Long-term contracts with vehicles adapted to all sectors of activity, fixed with predictable and cost-effective vehicle financing.  

  • UK- Rental vehicles

    Vehicle rental for greater flexibility

    Are you facing a spike in activity or is your vehicle off the road? To meet your needs quickly and efficiently, we have the right offer for you: Contracts from one day to 12 months, dedicated fleet for short- and medium-term rental, special rates for all rentals over 6 months.

Mobility solutions that are full of benefits!  

When partnering with Fraikin you have a transparent view of the costs  as well as limiting your risk associated with purchasing and managing your vehicles.  At Fraikin we ensure that you are using a vehicle that always meets the latest standards. and as technologies and legislation are changing faster and faster, maximising your profits means keeping abreast of developments - Contract Hire, Fleet managment or vehicle rental with Fraikin allows you to do this. 

Fraikin as your fleet partner means you outsource the burden associated with managing a fleet, such as servicing, repairs and tyres, whilst knowing exactly how much your vehicle fleet costs. Saving you time and money! In fact, there is no need to deal with the administration of vehicles, such as mandatory inspections, legislation, vehicle documentation and much more. We take care of it for you!  

With our replacement vehicles on hand, your business can carry on without any delays. Perfect for always satisfying your customers with maximum uptime and reliable deliveries. 

With Fraikin, you can keep your fleet up-to-date, and try alternative energy vehicles. 

Fraikin always does more

  • 6 to 8
    new vehicles tested each year
  • + 132,000
    service calls handled by our team in 2022
  • 800+
    approved repairers
  • 35+
    mobile technicians
  • 1,500
    alternative-energy vehicles across the group
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You ask the questions!

Our expertise is built on years of experience working alongside our customers in a wide range of sectors. We understand your challenges and have specific answers to meet your needs, whether it’s to maintain your fleet activity, ensure compliance, or reduce your ecological footprint.  

Below we answer your questions about Fraikin’s services.  

How can I reduce my fuel bill? 

To reduce your fuel consumption, several options are available to you: you can train your drivers in eco-driving with MYDRIVER or monitor your fuel consumption with our MYSMARTFLEET telematics solution.  

How can I move towards greener mobility? 

At Fraikin, we’re committed to supporting you in your energy transition. That’s why we offer a wide range of alternative-energy vehicles to help you meet today’s ecological and economic challenges. We can also carry out an audit of your fleet to assess your needs. 

I don’t have the time to manage my fleet. How can you help me?  

Vehicle management is part of the Fraikin Full Service pack by default, and there are additional services that help free up time, and reduce the burden of repetitive tasks: route optimisation, driver management, eco-driving training and the ability to maintain what has been learnt through telematics to improve driver safety. 

Vehicles off road cause us a problem. Can you help me?  

Our experienced and dedicated service team are structured to be an extension of your business, and you can trust in Fraikin to maximise your  fleet potential, with full focus on efficiency. Your dedicated point of contact will also take care of providing a replacement vehicle when repairs take longer than your operation can manage, continuity of service for your customers, and no interruption to your business. 

Vehicles adapted to your business!

Find the vehicle that best meets the requirements of your business.

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