Eco-driving: more economical, safer and more responsible 

For you, every second is precious. Training your drivers in eco-driving is time-consuming. And yet you have so much to gain by providing them with this training! 

More responsible, safer driving and a reduction in your fuel consumption (and therefore your emissions) – all the benefits for you and your teams. 

All the benefits of eco-driving training

Saves fuel 

Reduce your fuel cost thanks to the positive impact on drivers following training, and the reduction in their fuel consumption (up to 10% reduction).


Reduces claims 

Improve driver safety and vehicle integrity with less incidents and accidents and more controlled driving.  

Highlights the driver’s skill 

Involve your drivers in an overall approach to responsibility and highlight their major role in developing performance.  

Responsibility standards 

Support your company's CSR policy and its desire to build its commitment by applying new standards. 

Our driver training method

Fraikin Safety Academy training is a combination of theory and practice during which our trainer is in constant interaction with your driver.  

Together, they take a complete tour of the vehicle, focusing in particular on the engine, safety equipment, and new technologies.  

On a standard route, the trainer assesses the driver's road behaviour in relation to the rules of eco-driving to provide them with personalised advice.  

Lastly, the instructor reminds participants of the main road safety rules and teaches them practical, concrete ways of incorporating eco-driving into their daily lives, using real-life situations.  

And that's not all!  

Our driver coaching digital services are useful not only for training your drivers, but also for helping you to better understand how your fleet works:  

• Idling 
• Harsh braking and acceleration 
• Harsh cornering 
• Speeding   


Driver CPC Training 

In 2009, the European Union introduced the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, requiring all professional large goods vehicle drivers to complete 35 hours of periodic training. The legislation affects all drivers of trucks (3.501 tonne gross vehicle weight and above) and their employers.

All HGV drivers with acquired rights must have completed 35 hours of periodic training, every five years, in order to remain legally compliant.  Anyone driving professionally without their Driver CPC qualification can face a fine of up to £1000.

Fraikin was one of the first companies in the UK to commence Driver CPC training in September 2009. Since then, we’ve successfully trained thousands of HGV drivers from across the country. 

How can we help? 

We support operators to ensure their drivers have completed training on-time by organising courses, certified and audited by the Joints Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT). 

We hold courses across the UK, led by our own team of experts. 


Discover all our solutions for optimising your fleet

  • Make your energy transition a reality
    • Fleet decarbonisation
    • Compliance with legislation
    • Preparing for the arrival of additional zero-emission zones
  • Audit your vehicle fleet
    • Cost reduction
    • Analysis of actual usage
    • Short-, medium- and long-term strategy
  • Get your fleet connected
    • Improve visibility of your fleet
    • Optimise your drivers safety
    • Reduce your fuel spend
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