Road with light

The purpose of our blog

Road It, the blog founded by Fraikin, aims to help decision-makers and managers of commercial vehicles make strategic choices to meet three challenges: 

  • Succeeding with energy transition 
  • Improve productivity in the face of rising vehicle and energy costs 
  • Strengthen service quality for increasingly demanding end customers 

Road It: providing an informed vision and interpretation of changes in the road sector through four main themes

Fleet management

How can you optimise your TCO and deal with current regulations and challenges? 

Energy transition

How can you successfully start greening your fleet? 

Supply chain

What are the latest innovations and new logistics models in the market? 


What new vehicles, technologies and services can make a fleet more competitive? 

Olivier Dutrech

With this blog, we want to share our knowledge with you and extend our global, collaborative innovation approach. Our ambition is to identify and build the most effective and sustainable solutions

Olivier Dutrech
Head of Innovation at Fraikin

Road It: a reliable and useful source of information based on four pillars


1. Expertise: A European leader keeps you informed 

Drawing from its innovation (FraikinLab), its multi-brand catalogue (with an integrated design office) and its multi-service support, Fraikin has created Road It. This value-added blog will help make decision-making easier in several areas: fleet management, last-mile issues, route optimisation, vehicle prototyping, fleet greening, and much more. 

2. Legitimacy: An assertive and credible voice 

With no fewer than 60,000 vehicles on the road in Europe, and 9,000 in the UK, most of which are fitted with connected telematics systems, Fraikin adds a new dimension to sector-specific information. As a stakeholder in decisions concerning low/zero-emission mobility zones, with the timetable for determining the urgency of the ecological transition of fleets, Fraikin, via Road It, is committed to providing real-time information on the greening of fleets and the progress of the project on a European scale. 

Fraikin is designed to raise awareness of changes in the supply chain among decision-makers, in particular its customers.  Customers, who come from different markets but are facing the same challenges. 

3. Experience: Local roots and immersion in specific sectors 

Since 1944, Fraikin has been capitalising on its knowledge to provide the best possible support to its customers – through audits, associated services, etc. – and draw objective conclusions that are now being promoted via Road it, which aims to highlight the work being carried out in the field; it is a critical source of information for your performance. 

Immersed for decades in the worlds of construction and the environment, retail, refrigeration, transport and logistics, Fraikin draws on this experience to give businesses more information and solutions for all the challenges of tomorrow. 

4. Top-level connections with institutions and local authorities 

With its technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of customer needs, Fraikin is in regular contact with our partners, offering you the benefit of the profession's global perspective on key issues.