Fleet management

Fraikin fleet management takes away the administrative burden of making sure commercial vehicles are kept on the road safely and legally, whilst delivering optimal performance and value to your business. From the outset, we can design a package that meets your precise needs.

Designed to deliver
From a basic maintenance programme to a comprehensive management system, we can design a package that meets your commercial vehicle needs exactly.

Using experienced people and proven systems, we ensure that every single vehicle or piece of plant is kept right up-to-date in terms of servicing, licensing and documentation and that all maintenance work is planned with optimum availibility and utilisation in mind in order to improve reliability and keep costs to a minimum. We also keep our customers fully informed about any operational changes and are constantly seeking new initiatives to add value to our customers operations.

Our systems enable a full suite of key performance indicator measures to be produced, providing tangible information upon which to reduce costs and measure fleet efficiency.

Vehicle cost administration is greatly reduced by consolidated monthly invoicing providing full transparency of transactions, all condensed into one simple monthly invoice.

  • ExpertiseResources and advice to keep your fleet on the road and support your business
  • FlexibilityFleet management services are entirely bespoke which allows us to build a solution to meet your exact requirements
  • Commitment24/7 access to services, providing pro-active vehicle management, utilising an extensive nationwide network of quality approved suppliers

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Case Study - Sainsbury’s

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Case Study - Harrow Council

Case Study - Harrow Council

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What does fleet management include?

We take a modular approach to fleet management – so you can get as little or as much support as you need. We currently manage some of the highest profile fleets on UK roads, including 100% of the home delivery fleet for a major online grocer.
Typical management options include, but are not limited to:

Fleet consultancy
Fleet administration
Vehicle maintenance management
Asset management
Compliance management
Glass management
Breakdown management
Central vehicle/asset hire
Accident management
Tyre management
Manage Information

Your benefits

ProductivityWe manage the ongoing performance of a customer's fleet by removing the administrative burden enabling your team to focus on your core business

Organisation and ManagementProactive management of your fleet, using experienced people and proven systems, we ensure that your vehicle or piece of equipment is kept up to date in terms of compliance.

ReportsAccess to meaningful management information upon which to reduce costs and measure fleet efficiency

CostLeveraging of purchasing power and best practices to achieve fleet maintenance economies of scale

BudgetA consultative and partnership based approach to tailor a solution that saves money and fulfils strategic goals

TrainingTraining for drivers and fleet managers

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